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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween... it's my favorite

I absolutely love Halloween. When the weather starts to chill, I always get a little sad because although I love cozy Fall clothes, I am a Summer girl. What gets me through you say? How do I tolerate the fading of my Summer warmth? Halloween. It is by far my favorite holiday. Cobwebs, costumes, and cauldrons excite me 100% more than turkeys, tinsel, or trees decorated for any other holidays. Here's why.

I have not carved my first pumpkin of the year, but I plan to pick out several soon. For me it is not really about carving but cleaning. I love pumpkin guts, and there is no better Fall snack than roasted pumpkin seeds.

My personal Halloween Heaven

Dressing Up
My inner 5 year old reigns around this time of year. I want to try on every costume, mask, wig, and cape I see. Halloween also makes the thought of babies and purse dogs a little more appealing to me.

What makes babies dressed as food so hilarious?! I think it's the worried looks!

Santa said I can have one of these in December. . . an iPhone. Not an adorable dog.

Need I say more?

I must make these this year! How cute!

"Healthy" treats are fun, too!

We never did much more than some cobwebs, a few pumpkins, and maybe a scarecrow at my house, but when I have my own place it will be a haunted house for the entire month of October. I look for Halloween decorations the way some people drive miles to see Christmas lights.

Classy Creepy, like Morticia Adams


And finally, links my 2 favorite Halloween videos! Enjoy, and have a spooky October!