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Monday, July 18, 2011

A quick read

I read this great book to my great-grandmother who I am caring for part-time to make ends meet. She and I went to Seattle to visit extended family in 2005 with a slew of our other matriarchs and loved-ones. It was a wonderful trip, and one of the highlights was visiting the Pike Place Fish Market. I kissed a fish after it was thrown over my head!!! And loved it!!! (There is a great photo of the scaly smooch that I will try to dig up and post.) It was an experience filled with fun, excitement, and character... over FISH!!!

This book is a very quick read, but it is JAM PACKED with great business advice about motivation and inspiration. It's a great realistic fiction based teaching the business philosophy in action everyday at the Pike Place Fish Market.

I highly recommend it and so does Monnie (my great-grandmother who is the smartest lady I have ever known)!!

♥ G