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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Apartment Lust in the Cinema

I know! I know! Halloween is long gone! The good news is that I have been busy with work, friends, boyfriend, and family. The bad news is that I let blogging take back seat when I had some great ideas for posts. So here's to catching up!

I have a confession. I have been out of school for almost an entire year now, and I am living at home with my mom. We have a great relationship, and I am not living here for free, but it makes a slightly better financial arrangement for me. I am paid a percentage of design fees for the design projects I work on, and that system makes the income a little unpredictable at times whereas landlords expect rent payments to be the opposite.

So I have serious apartment lust all the time! I would love a tiny hole-in-the-wall place to have small dinner parties, have evenings with my boyfriend, and especially spend time alone. My appreciation for my mom and her offer to let me "stay as long as I need to" is never-ending, but I think a girl of 23 who works as hard as I do should have a place of her own even if it just serves as an excuse for her to buy that awesome lamp/art piece/vase/bookcase at the thrift store.

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Charleston with my employer and co-worker for a kick-off meeting at a hotel renovation. Walking the streets of downtown almost killed me. I could see into some of the adorable little flats and apartments above the restaurants and shops, and I yearned for such a great place to live.

Along with creepily peeping in on people who do not choose to close or own curtains, I usually take special notice of apartments and homes in films. Here are a few of my favorites.

Sex and the City

In the film, Carrie has her apartment renovated as part of her reinvention of self after being "jilted" be Big. She gets modern storage and seating as well as a much brighter and fresher color scheme.

I love that the walls are a vibrant blue and the other items are still lively but muted in color.

I'm not sure I understand this interesting piece by the entry, but it speaks to the "love conquers all" Cinderella theme plot.

Someone Like You

When Jane is jilted, she does not have the option to renovate her apartment, but out of necessity, chooses to move in with her womanizing co-worker Eddie. The flat is huge, located over a bar, and has a great industrial feel. Great leaner mirror on the right!

The galley style kitchen is small but has an open feel because of the eat in bar. Eddie has a very cool vintage refrigerator and lots of alcohol.

It's a great flat, but I think my favorite thing in Eddie's apartment... is Eddie.

27 Dresses

The first thing I noticed about Jane's apartment in 27 Dresses was the gorgeous black and white tile in the entry. It's also in the building's hallway.

The place has a more traditional and elegant feel. Tons of moulding at base, chair rail, and columns. It's very crisp.

Check out the cute blue bathroom with claw-foot tub!

I really like the eclectic furniture and the painted brick wall in this shot.

Hmmm. . . I just realized these are all movies about working women being rejected. . . Think the theme has meaning??