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Saturday, February 25, 2012

So silly, but so serious....

This probably will sound very silly, and it is most definitely a #thirdworldproblem, but it is a big dilemma in my head.

I have used Mozilla Firefox as my primary browser for close to 5 years, and I have been very happy with it. At the beginning of the new year, we got brand new computers at work, and our IT guy recommended I try Google Chrome if I enjoy using Firefox and since I already have a Gmail/IGoogle account. So, I tried it.
And I love it.
I still use Firefox on my home computer,

but I am thinking about switching,

and (here comes the silly part)

I have this terrible feeling that I am betraying Mozilla Firefox!
Then I stop and say to myself,

"How ridiculous! It's a browser, not a person or fuzzy animal!"

But Firefox rescued me from the frustrating Internet Explorer (multiple tabs. enough said.). Firefox encouraged my creativity by giving me tools to personalize my browser like pinned bookmarks and fun skins. Firefox was with me through college projects and finals, what felt like endless job searches, and learning how to coupon.

Chrome is so sleek and even more user friendly. While there is a level of personalization in the form of your iGoogle Dashboard, that is one area where I still prefer Firefox.

I remember my reaction the first time I used Internet Explorer after switching to Firefox. It was very similar to the first time I drove an automatic after falling in love with driving a manual.
How/Why did I ever use this?!
Where's the search bar?!
How do I save a bookmark again?!
Gah, it's so {negative trait}, and it's just too {negative trait}.
That's it! I'm putting Firefox on this computer!

And I just cannot image speaking that way about my beloved Firefox in a few months.

And it didn't help at all that I updated Firefox a couple weeks ago, and a video describing Mozilla as a "by the people, for the people" browser, AND THEY THANKED ME FOR USING FIREFOX!!!

Ok, maybe not me personally, but they thanked the users, and I am a user.

Maybe this is just growing pains, and I need to move to the next best thing. Maybe I really should stick to what has worked so well for me in the past. Probably, it's not that big of a deal, but I honestly could not click the "Download Google Chrome" even with all this convincing propaganda:
It's free and installs in seconds (I love free things almost as much as I love things that do not waste my time. Win-Win!)

For Windows XP, Vista, and 7 (Compatibility is great!)

Fast start-up
Google Chrome launches in a snap.

Fast loading
Google Chrome loads web pages quickly.

Fast search
Search the web right from the address bar. (All of which save me time and energy. Great!)

But I just couldn't click the button. What. a. dork.

What do you think? What browser do you use? Have you ever felt an irrational, emotional connection to an inanimate object like a browser, or am I just affirming my weirdness?

Also, Gotye is one of my new faves! Click to hear one. It's great!

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