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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Age Gap

I've noticed a very interesting dynamic at my office the past few weeks. There is this gap between the
younger designers (making entry level dollars) and the more experienced designers (making experienced level dollars). It appears that the side of the gap you are on determines the ability and time requirement for accomplishing tasks that involve a computer program. Example: I can whip something up in Photoshop in an hour that might take 2 days for someone with 20+ years of design experience to create and they still would need help to print it correctly or turn it into a PDF.

On the other hand, the designers with more experience have skills that I envy like free-hand sketching, hand rendering, and, of course, the advantage of experience and seniority. I respect these designers for these FABULOUS talents that I want to acquire because I know they take A LOT of practice. The down side is we do not use these skills on a daily basis on projects.

This isn't something I'm angry about, and so far, it has not kept me from completing my tasks. But it has been intriguing to observe. I wonder what will take the place of the work tools I am familiar with. Will I keep up with the times and the technology? Or will I be asking someone half my age for help? I'd better be nice, or Karma will bite me back one day!

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